Nephrological Centre and Dialysis

Ilfeld • Nordhausen • Sondershausen


Situated in the south of the beautiful Harz mountains in the centre of Germany, we provide nephrological services including diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases, as well as disorders  in close association with diseases of the kidney (eg. hypertension, metabolic disorders, rheumatic diseases).

Based at three locations in Ilfeld, Nordhausen, and Sondershausen, we offer consultation-hours including a broad range of diagnostic tools such as ECG, excercise ECG, 24-hour-ECG and -blood pressure, lab, ultrasound, echocardiography, or spirometry, if necessary.

All forms of renal replacement therapy such as ultrafiltration-controlled bicarbonate hemodialysis (high flux, low flux, single or double needle), hemodiafiltration, or peritoneal dialysis (Ilfeld, Sondershausen) are provided. We are also able to provide holiday dialysis to larger groups of patients. There is no re-use of dialysers. Lipid apheresis and immunoadsorption are performed in Nordhausen. Except during evening dialysis (limited care), a doctor is permanently available.
We are able to treat HCV-positive and MRSA-positive patients.

Of course, we accept the European Health Insurance Card as well as private health insurances.

Medical check-up examinations may, on a private basis, also be arranged during your stay in our region.

If you are interested in getting more information concerning consultation in our clinic, or vacation dialysis, contact us via phone or e-mail at our location Nordhausen (Dr. C. Marx) or Ilfeld (Dr. S. Winkelmann).

For an appointment/ consultation call at our location

-Ilfeld, phone: 0049 36331 32756

-Nordhausen, phone: 0049 3631 609530

-Sondershausen, phone: 0049 3632 671371


The Harz mountains and the unique Southern Harz gypsum karst landscape offer numerous touristic activities and highlights within the immediate neighborhood such as walking or cycling, beautiful medieval half-timbered towns, or the famous narrow-gauge steam railway Harzer Schmalspurbahn.
Well-known touristic places such as Erfurt, Weimar or Quedlinburg (UNESCO world heritage) are within reach of a day-trip.
There is good connection to Airport Leipzig/Halle via motorway A38 (appr. 1,5 hours).

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